Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 1


Hey @Bhishma!

Seems like you are using a professional test account. Test account is made only for test purposes and has only 200 core hours. That’s why you are having a qouta problem.

Although it is recommended to initially create an online free community account for the homework purposes. But no worries, our support engineer will be here to help you with this. He will change your account to the free community and you are good to go. All you have to do is to just send an email to him at: (make subject of your email as computational qouta + your registered mail ID with SimScale in the message body)

For other users having this problem, please follow the same procedure.

After your account has been changed, you would be able to see 3000 core hours under your dashboard. This shows that the process was successful. But in order to further do modification in the same project, you have to make it public. In order to do so, please follow this forum post.

Hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.



When I wanted to start second simulations this error was shown. I have selected faces of wing and flap in Boundary conditions. What could be wrong? There are all green checked symbols… Or shall I just tried to run this?


I also faced the same problem. The problem can be solved by assigning the proper entities in the result control tab under simulation control.


Hi @FCervenka, @Tahsin141403 is correct:

You can see that there are no assigned entities for these two result control items. You may have just highlighted the entities without making them assignments (like I do all the time!)

Kind regards,
Darren Lynch


While running the 6degree deflection simulation i get an error stating “the job execution was aborted due to numerical instability” .Any thoughts on what might be causing the error ? Thanks :slight_smile:.


Hey @Tahsin141403!

thanks a lot for your query. It seems like you have mistakenly selected the whole solid domain rather than faces under the first refinement definition of your 6 degree mesh. Please have a look below:

Just change it and rerun the mesh and everything will be fine.




I would like to know why on the floor’s boundary conditions, we didn’t use the moving wall option. Therefore, In the real case there is a relative velocity between wing and floor and doing so like in the step-by-step tutorial this is not taken into account.

Regards, Claudio


Hi @cquinto, this appears to be a mistake since one of the opening sentences is:

“There is no relative motion between the air and the floor since the car is in motion. Thus, we will apply a wall velocity on the lower surrounding wall (cyan).”

correct me if I’m wrong @Milad_Mafi

Might be interesting to see how much difference this makes.

Kind regards,
Darren Lynch


Hi Darren,

You’re definitely right! I just corrected the sentence :slight_smile:

Everyone is invited to investigate the effect on his own and share the results with us here.



Thank to @Milad_Mafi and @1318980, so we have to redo the simulations by changing the boundary condition from static wall to moving wall?

Regards, Claudio


Have we to submit the project with the post-processed data also? (My laptop is very slow in loading the graphic results).


Hi Claudio,

Don’t worry. We will accept both solutions for the homework assignment. For sure we appreciate any further work :slight_smile:

It is not necessary to post-process the data. Nevertheless I would recommend to get familiar with the post processor (which we will need in the next three weeks). What is the exact problem?



I don’t manage to open the solution fields (I simply see the loading scroll)


Hey @vlupi! Normally it takes sometime to load due to larger data. You have to wait may be until 5 minutes. If not, then you can also try the post-processor after a while when there is not much load over it.



Hi, I have some problems with the Simulation Run: after two or three minutes, the status turns “queued” and the simulation doesn’t go ahead. Do I have to wait or something else? Thanks.
Simone Libbi


I think it could take this time… just wait few minutes more… I get status computing around 10 minutes.


Unfortunately, after a hour is still queued…I’m gonna wait ahah


Ok… than it is wrong… I had to wait only when I run more meshing, simulations, etc.


yes indeed due to high traffic now a days you may have to wait for long. But no worries you can run all the simulations and until morning they will be done :wink:



It depends on overall load and not only due to yours. But the benefit of parallel computing will play a role here. You can submit all the jobs at once and even if they are queued, they will be finished as soon as they get available machine/s.