Splitting Faces in Geometry

Hello Sir ,Please take a look at the project ‘Autosampler’ using the following link.
I need to divide top face of extrusion rail . Firstly I have used fusion 360 to split faces but while importing cad file in simscale that split faces are not showing. Secondly I need to apply loads in small steps (splitted faces). Actually I am doing Transient Analysis. Kindly let me me know how to do this
1.split face in geometry
2.apply loads with small steps.

Hi jajose_m19

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please have a look on how to split surfaces here:

On how to apply the load in small steps you can either use a formula or a table as described here for tables:

and here for formulas:

Please let us know if this helped.

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Sir ,Thank you for the reply. I will try to solve with help of above documentation and if any help is need I will inform you.

Hello Sir, Can we use remote force by locating point at distance in extrusion rail instead of dividing faces and applying force on each segments of top surface?
I am doing Transient analysis where Force applied is 200N since position is varying with respect to time, we are using 5 divisions (1 div=1sec) so overall analysis is 5 sec.

Hello Jajose_m19,

please use this page on how to use the remote force condition.

What you can do is to use a table to apply to load on the face depending on the time step.

Best regards Sebastian

Thank for your insight