Simulation Error


I was trying to investigate my own FSAE car
Followed by

Simulation check was successful but Error occured! :open_mouth:

I tried several settings and change meshes but experiencing same error

tried Simulation Control

  • End time value 1500, 5000, 6000
  • Maximum runtime 42000, 50000

I have no idea what to do :cry:

my project link is

1 is original and 2 is simplified mesh
Thanks! :blush:


Hi @EKT and thanks for the very detailed post!

We will have a look at that and come back to you as soon as we figured out a solution.




Hi @EKT!

I did not forget you :wink: Currently trying to get a good mesh done without too many illegal faces. Getting back to you asap.



Hi @EKT!

Have done three meshes as well as one simulation for your simplified model which can be found here: Body Testing Mesh. The same procedure can be used for your other model. Please let me know if everything works and if you need help!




Hi @jousefm!
Thank you so much for your reply!
sorry that I check your kind reply late :joy:
Iā€™m following and apply to my project.
After try several times and see what happens and reply to you again!