Simulation error - velocity diverging - Natural ventilation of a corridor

The motive of the project is to simulate the natural ventilation of the corridor region in a building. The model has been made as single volume and gap analysis was checked in the model and it succeds.

Model was then subjected to Meshing which was successful. But error has been identified while simulating saying velocity starts diverging at a certain point and a primivite point was created, should there a surface refinement further or how should the faces be merged to resolve this error.


Hi @Sudheep,

Thanks for posting your question. Could you please post the link of the project here? To solve divergence issues, please take a look at this detailed page and let us know if this helps you to figure it out.


12.01 OSA v01 | SimScale Workbench

Hi @Sudheep, we’re deeply sorry for the (very) delayed reply.

Our team was going through some restucturing and now we are trying to reply to all of the unanswered forum posts from moths past :slight_smile:

As to your model, it seems that some parts contain really small features such as the following ones:

At first, it would be useful to clean up those.

Then, you’ve also applied the air material to the walls of the model. In order to run these kinds of simulations, you’ll need to create a solid internal flow volume which will be where the flow will take place.

I’ve done some cleanups for myself using an external CAD tool, generated the flow region and was able to run your project successfully. You can find it here:

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