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Simulation assignment on the geometry is not supported for the currently selected mesh

I am very new at Simscale and am not fully understanding what this (below image) means and what I have to change in order for it to create a mesh for my geometry. I am currently working on a wing design for a fluid mechanics course and need to compare theoretical lift/drag forces and coefficients to CFD results. Not sure what is wrong with my part, or if I can select the mesh as my simulation domain without introducing any errors.
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Your mesh did finish (expand Event Log to see its stats).

Just click use ‘Use mesh as domain’ and you should be OK from there.

You have to click that each time you make a new mesh.

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Thank you very much. Was not sure if choosing it as my domain would give me incorrect data.

When I create my mesh, I don’t get a message asking me to use the mesh as the domain for simulation It just gives me a green tick beside the mesh tab in the pipeline browser on the left. Does it mean my mesh got generated correctly? The reason I’m asking this is because I’m following the incompressible centrifugal pump tutorial and it is mentioned in that document that you should select the ‘use mesh as domain’ option. I tried continuing but later I get an error saying ‘Mapping of assignments from geometry to mesh failed’. I’ve followed every last step mentioned in the tutorial but I’m not able to run the simulation.
Any help is greatly appreciated!


Please provide a link to your project…

Hey @sriramchari1!

The engineers are having a look at this at the moment, here is a thread that might help you out: Issue with assigning mesh as the domain . My colleague Ani posted a modified geometry as a workaround - I assume it is the CAD you are looking for, correct?! Let me know if you have any further questions.



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