Session 1 - HOMEWORK

Homework Submission

To complete the homework, your task is to fill in the two missing C_L and C_D values for the ride height analysis.

Ride Height Analysis

Drag and Lift Coefficients:

Model Name Rake Angle [^{\circ}] C_L C_D
Standard 0 ? ?
Low Nose 0.6 -2.796 1.167
Low Nose 2 1.1 -2.841 1.116
Low Rear -0.4 -2.657 1.180
Low Rear 2 -0.9 -2.616 1.166
----------------- ------- ---------- ---------

Yaw Angle Analysis

Drag and Lift Coefficients:

Yaw Angle [^{\circ}] C_L C_D
0 -2.52 1.21
7.12 -2.03 1.05
14.04 -1.65 1.02
20.56 -1.34 1.02
--------- ---------- ---------


To submit your homework assignment, please use the form below:

Homework Deadline: Sunday, March 25th, 11:59 pm CET

Submit your homework here

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what about yaw analysis???

Hi @s_giuliano!

The yaw analysis should be listed soon - I will also ask for a specific time.

Cheers and thanks for the hint!


Hi there,
how many analises should I perform?
Only one for the standard configuration??



Hi @l_trefiletti!

I am assuming five as you imported five models and do one simulation for each. Can you confirm this @drodriguez32?



I think there is only one run to obtain the missing values, because in the instructions say “fill the two missing CL and CD values”.

Hey @jousefm @l_trefiletti,

@gnarvaez is correct, to complete the homework you just need to run one simulation and fill in the missing spaces. The tutorial should serve the purpose of guiding all teams through their own simulations and their own creation of an AeroMap, it’s not only about a homework. That’s one reason to simplify it for this workshop.



@s_giuliano, the results for the yaw angle analysis have been added. Please note that it’s not a requirement for the homework submission.



I think I have a problem from early on with the mesh. Where you state that we should have 21 faces selected for the ‘Car’ step, I only have 20 faces from solid_0* available. The same issue crops up a bit later on in another step where I have 1 fewer surfaces available than what the tutorial says I should have. At the final step where I go to run the simulation it says that I have surfaces with no boundary conditions applied (or something to that effect) and it will use Wall instead. The solution converges nicely, but I don’t believe the numbers that I’m getting. Can someone take a look at my model/mesh and see where I’ve gone astray?

Also, is there a way to highlight surfaces that do not have a boundary condition applied to them? The software obviously recognizes when this happens, but I couldn’t find a way to have it show me which surfaces were in this state.

Thank you,


Hello MoltoMiller,

I’m afraid it can sound too obvious, but it happened to me indeed. When I was trying to select the 21 faces, I was just able to find 20. The 21st was hidden behind the Report an issue tab.
Where is the Barre? Let’s try to reduce the Scene window size…

I hope it may help you, in case you’ve followed the tutorial step by step there should be no problem.


Sorry for the late answer @MoltoMiller!

Have you counter-checked every step so far and how far are your values off from the numbers given in the tutorial?

That’s a good hint by the way as I can not think of a method to automatically show all unassigned faces - good input there. How I would do it is to let the platform tell me which faces are missing boundary conditions as you already mentioned.

Do you mind posting your idea here: Feature Requests. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:



Hi @molinadsx!

You can drag the bottom right corner to see the missing faces.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


After following the steps given in the tutorial I have found the values of lift and drag coefficients from “Simulation Designer >> Simulation Runs >> Run 1 >> Solver Log”. My query is that: Is this the correct way to obtain the values for Cd and Cl?
Please help.

Hi @Rushikesh!

That’s completely fine. A post from our PowerUser @yosukegb4 you might be interested in: CFD Device Study - cd & cl.



Hi @jousefm
Which values of Cd and Cl we have to enter?
As there are many values of Cd and Cl in the plot

Hi @meghrajvaidya!

These are not input variables but output you get directly from the solver log when creating a result control item. Documentation: Forces & Moments.



Hi @jousefm !
Thank you for your reply
Will we be getting certificate of completion as the session 2 had been cancelled?

Thank you.

Hi @meghrajvaidya and thanks for that question!

Will ask my colleague and back to you as soon as possible :slight_smile:



Hi @meghrajvaidya,

Yes you will receive a certificate for session 1. They have not yet been sent.


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