Self Intersecting Geometry


I have already posted a quetion once and couldnt manage to do the things they said.

I’ve now changed my CAD Model and still find similar problems with self intersecting geometry.

It’s very important for my school, that this simulation works. Can someone please help me fix my CAD Model so that’ll work for my simulation
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Thanks in advance and kind regards, Matthew

Hi Matthew!

You need to go back to your CAD an fix all the problematic regions:

Specially, trying to create one enclosed solid from all the surfaces should help you in the process of creating a valid object for simulation.

Thank you for the response.

I see that I have to fix those regions but I can’t figure out how. Even when I consult your Website or other parts of the internet for help.

Kind regards, Matthew

Hello Mathew.

one option you might have is to use the surface wrap feature in the Edit in CAD Mode.

I would suggest you do wrap the individual components bit by bit.

Here is the example for the chassis the front and rear wing.

This is the result I got.

Now, I would delete all the surfaces inside the chassis and continue with the suspension etc.

The other option would be to go ahead and search for faults in your CAD model like described here:

Best regards

I tried it and i can’t do it. It is very important for my grade that this works. Is there any chance you could make the CAD model work for a simulation? I know it’s not your job but I’d be very appreciative if you could help me out, I can’t seem to make it work.

Kind reagrds, Matthew

Hi Matthew,

I can see that you were able to create the solids from the wrapping.
Great job here.

Now in order to create the simulation, a geometry is needed with these individual components.
One sild object for the chassis wings and suspension.
individual solids for each wheel.

So the Geometry will only consist of 5 solid objects.

Once this is created you can use this tutorial as a guide to set up your simulation.

Best regards