Results are too good (efficiency of the plane)

Hello There!

I made rarzorcrest themed flying boat and was quite pleased by the looks of it so i tested it in soldiworks, ironed out the faults i could find and then put it here to have a little higher accuracy.
Though now im doubting the results are way to good, the lift seems fine but the the drag seems very low (expected around 6000 N and got 3880).
I would appreciate if anybody could have a short look and tell me what i did wrong and how i could improve the accuracy.

Hey there!

Your simulation results look ok to me, in principle.

A few thing that I would to to try and improve (or gain confidence in) the results:

  • Check the y+ values
  • Refine the mesh
  • Add mesh refinements around the plan, specially in the wake region
  • Increase the flow region size, it looks too close to the plane to me specially upwind.

Here are some links that should help:

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thank you very much sadly i cannot afford am much finer mesh, its running out of time as it is