Regarding iteration time of simulation

Hi want to ask is the final result of simulation for 50 iteration and 1000 iteration the same.


Could you please send a link to your project so Forum users can have a look at the problem, and maybe share a few more information: such as screenshots from convergency plots etc?


i want to know if the final temperature of the solar PV the same when i change the iteration from 50 to 1000

Thanks for the information! That’s not possible to predict without running more iterations unless the temperature value had already converged to a steady value around a surface of interest.

This can be checked by using Result Control items in SimScale platform. Please use Probe Points or Surface Data to further investigate the change of flow variables with respect to number of iterations.

Either way, 50 iterations for a CFD calculations seems a bit low speaking by my own experience. You may want to increase number of iterations.

Hope these are helpful,

so that’s mean my simulation that i already run is not completed right. In order to get simulation that is complete i need to increase the iteration right?

I assume yes, that’s correct. However, there is only one way to be sure about this, and it’s to monitor flow variables by creating result control items as suggested in my previous post.


so if in the convergence plot, the variable temperature already steady and not increase thats mean the simulation is finished right