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Recover Successful Mesh Computation but Error After


I computed this mesh with the Hex-Dominant (Snappy Hex Mesh) algorithm, and in the meshing log it states that computation was successful and already written to disk.

But in the project it states that the computation had an error and the mesh is not usable. Here is the link to the project:


I know this is a really big mesh (>100 million cells), and that could be related to the problem, but I have seen this before in smaller meshes.

My question is: Is there a way to recover the computed mesh?

Hi @ggiraldo,

Sounds like a bug - just talked to our support engineer and it’s being looked into right now. One suggestion is to use the full 32 cores when running the job but I see you’ve already done that (Looks like a cool project by the way!).

Thanks for reporting this and we’ll keep you updated.


Hi @ggiraldo,

I had the same problem with the same case:

Still no solution though.


Hi guys,

So the general rule of thumb with meshing is to keep it below 20 million cells (otherwise you might run into problems). A mesh of >100 millions cell is simply too big to handle on SimScale at the moment.

@dheiny, any updates on this post @akosior is referring to?

@AnnaFless, @akosior, @ggiraldo

yes - a fix is right now in quality assurance and will hit the production system soon. Then larger polyhedral meshes will work as well.

Will keep you posted.