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Radiator simulation

I’m trying to simulate the fluid flow across the radiator, but the solution is not converging. Please help
Cad name: Radiator core_new
Simulation name: new
mesh name: Mesh4
I’ve attached the link below

Hi there, to help users identify and troubleshoot divergence in their simulations, SimScale has a divergence monitor. The following parameters are tracked: velocity, pressure, density, and temperature. Whenever a parameter reaches unrealistic levels in the domain, the simulation automatically stops with an error message:

The error message specifies which parameter diverged and also the exact location in the model. This information is valuable, and can be a starting point for the troubleshooting process.

To gain more insight into the causes of divergence, the following basic steps are useful:

  1. Create a ‘probe point‘ result control and input the coordinates displayed in the error message. In doing so, you will see exactly where the divergence occurred;
  2. If the point is close to one of the boundaries, double-check all boundary conditions, making sure they are correct;
  3. If the point is located inside the domain, inspect the mesh around the area. The ‘mesh quality‘ visualization feature is very useful in this step. Even just a few bad quality cells can create instabilities in the simulation, ultimately leading to divergence.

If you want to learn more, and have a look at some trouble-shooting examples too, make sure to read this article:

Specifically regarding your own project, it seems you are using a very complex geometry with thin air spaces inside the radiator, that makes it hard for the mesh to capture. A workaround here would be to use a porous medium instead: Porosity & Porous Media | Simulation Setup | SimScale Documentation

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