Question about simulation of Toricelli's law


I’m looking to simulate fluid flow in a cylindrical container in the case of Torricelli’s Law. I would like to see how far the water travels, its velocity, the flow rate etc.

Is there any way to do this in simscale? Because from what I can tell, neither external nor internal flow volumes will work with this simulation idea. Is there any way to construct such a sim?

If this doesn’t work in simscale, do you have any software recommendations for such a project?


Hello! As I could understand by the description, that requires a Multiphase simulation since the interaction of air-water needs to be obtained as well.
I was able to find this public project that you can check and adapt to your own applications. In addition to the outlet boundary condition with air (let’s say Phase 0), you would need to initialize corresponding domains with water (Phase 1) by using geometry primitives. You can search for many other public projects which you think might be a better example for your application.
Please be aware that the multiphase simulations are only available for SimScale professional users.
Hope these are helpful.