Partial contact(s) detected

Hi i just doing the conjugate heat transfer for my solar pv cooling system, How i encounter this problem while setting the simulation. Hope you Sir can help me. Thank you

simulation link

Hello @bk19110254 , now that you are moving on with heat transfer analysis, contacts will be an important part of your simulation. Contacts in conjugate heat transfer simulations are explained explicitly in this documentation so I recommend you to have a look at it first. You will also find some explanation about the partial interfaces and information on how to get rid of them.

Partial contacts means that faces in contact are not overlapping completely. It’s recommended to split these faces accordingly to enhance successful heat transfer between these faces. There is a very useful tool in the CAD mode called Imprint operation which splits touching faces so that they will be overlapping perfectly. That’s only a one click operation in the CAD mode so I’d suggest you to perform this operation and export your CAD model again. Then you will see that all your interfaces are defined as standards.

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I already look at the documentation Sir, but then i dont understand what it says. Do i need to do imprint for creating flow region just i like we do the incompressible flow the other day?

is this the imprint for my anaylsis

Hi sir can you pls give answer @kaany

when imprinting the fins do i need to selected all the parts which include the emboss geometry or just selected the face of the fin is enough.

Hello @bk19110254 ,

My apologies for the delayed response, I was out of office this week. Imprint operation is a single click operation that doesn’t require any selection. Once you click on the Imprint, the operation will be performed within all geometry.

Regarding your second question, yes. You should apply Imprint after you create the flow region. Please be aware that you should not delete the solid parts since you are using a conjugate heat transfer simulation now.

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Thank you very much Sir, it really helpful for me

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