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OpenFOAM case upload on SimScale

Hi everyone,

I have a case in OpenFOAM that I would like to solve with SimScale by uploading the case on the SimScale platform and running the simulation here. I’ve already compressed the folder which contains the 0, constant and system directories. The problem I’m facing is that I see no option that would allow me to upload the case on SimScale. SimScale gives me the option to upload only the mesh which is contained in the constant folder. I tried to find an answer online with no luck so far.

Basically, I tried to do this How to upload an OpenFOAM mesh and cases? but SimScale lacks the “upload an OpenFOAM case” option for me.

Any hint on how it’s done or is it an option for professional accounts only? I should state that I have an academic plan for my account.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon and thanks in advance!

Hi @pmparitakis and thanks for your question which might also interest other users!

As you noticed the case upload is not anymore part of the workbench and has been removed. However the mesh upload for OpenFOAM is still possible. If you want to have this feature back I would recommend that you post your request in the dedicated Vote For Features section. Based on the feedback of the users (upvotes of your request) we decide if we bring this feature back, which has by the way nothing to do with a professional or a community account - both offer the same functionalities!

Cheers and all the best!


Hi @jousefm, thanks for the fast reply & for your suggestion! This clears everything to me.

Cheers and all the best!


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