New to CFD - Need help simulating waves against a breakwater

I made the flat surface for the water to come out of the chamfered edge, pressure outlet, but I also cannot tell if I need the breakwaters to be on a flat surface (sand). All i want to test is how much water gets through the other side of the line of breakwaters, to test this pattern efficiency.

Please help.

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This image reflects how I would like to test it. The problem that keeps coming up is not having defined the wall regions. If someone could help guide me step by step, I would be very grateful.

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Thank you for posting on the forum! Can you please share your project link? :slight_smile:

And to be clear, I want the water to just come out like waves towards the breakwaters, from that chamfered edge near the ground

Hello @lightneen , and thanks for using the Forum.

In order to visualize phenomena such as waves, you would need to use a multiple phase simulation since the water - air interaction is what causes the waves. With the Incompressible simulation type (1 phase simulation), you could only obtain the results such as water flow rate, water velocity after the complex parts, etc - and this simulation assumes your whole domain is only filled with water.

Either way, you would need to create a flow region first inside SimScale CAD mode. Please have a look at the following page for more information on flow regions.

In case you follow multiphase simulation type, here is more information about the solver. There are two multiphase simulation types available in SimScale. First one is based on the Openfoam solver which can be quite tricky to set - this solver is available to academic and professional users. Other is inside the Subsonic solver itself which is quite robust and it would be only available to professional subscriptions.

May I ask the purpose of this application, is it for academic studies?

I hope these would be helpful,

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Nice work on tackling CFD! :ocean: To test water flow through breakwaters, having them on a flat surface like sand makes sense. Your setup looks good, but maybe check mesh settings for accuracy.

Thank you for the link. This is a project I am working on for a real world application possibility. I want to test the strength of this formation of breakwaters against strong water pressure (typhoon), i do not necessarily need to make it waves, just strong pressure. I have 2 formations I am testing and I need help seting this up to show the difference in strength between the 2, I do not need exact numbers nor an exact simulation. Just a strong enough pressure to see how much water gets on the other side of 1 formation against another. This is the first one. Is there any possibility you may help me testing this please ? I don’t need hard data so the simulation does not need to be perfectly exactly to a beach.

Thank you

Can anyone help guide me for the correct mesh settings by any chance ?