NanoLongRange - can't start simulation

Just started with SimScale and I wanted to do a static simulation of NanoLongRange quadcopter. I went through the tutorials to get a hang of how to use the app.

I uploaded the slightly modified STL file from Thingverse and created new Static simulation. Defined material (PLA) and gravity. In boundary conditions I selected 4 faces where motors will be installed and added 0.1N force. However, when trying to run the simulation I’m getting “Your analysis does not contain a sufficient set of constraints and would likely fail. Please review your simulation setup before starting the analysis and make sure your model is sufficiently constrained by boundary conditions.”

What did I miss?

Here’s a link to the project: SimScale

Tagging @tsite - thnx in advance!

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Hi there, thank you for using the forum!

Your setup is incomplete - you have only applied a force boundary condition. What about the constraints of the system, like a fixed support boundary condition?

In a static analysis, you can define constraints and loads. Most of the time it is reasonable to establish at least one displacement constraint in every coordinate direction to determine the position or movement of the structure. Exceptions are load-based physical contact simulations, where one part might be expected to move freely due to a given load pattern.

In case of missing force boundary conditions (including gravitation), the geometry becomes load-free, and apart from the prescribed displacement boundary conditions (constraints), no deformation will evolve. However, this might be intended to determine the strain distribution e.g. in pre-clamped structural components.

For an overview of the boundary conditions available, please check this page

You can use this tutorial as reference: Tutorial: Linear Static Analysis of a Crane | SimScale

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Thank you, that helps a lot. I created a fixed support which anchored the poor drone to the ground around the point where battery is placed and the simulation now runs.

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