Multiple Orientation Drop Simulations


I’m relatively new to FEA (often relied on it, yet never performed it myself) I’ve been slowly building my skills in static simulations and now I am trying my hand at dynamic solutions like drop/impacts.
I went through the tutorial session here:

It was quite useful. One thing that I wanted to know was regarding multiple orientations. Let’s say I wanted to re-do that same simulation, but for a different impact orientation to the floor. My current understanding is that I would re-orient the slab relative to the DUT (the iphone in the above case) in my CAD package, then import it into simscale then repeat all the meshing and contact definitions within the phone. This is obviously not ideal, since that means repeating a whole lot of set-up simply to relocate the slab each time I’d like to investigate a different impact orientation.

Is there a way to define the DUT (meshing, contacts, materials, etc) only once, but somehow just redefine where the floor is for each simulation? Then I’d just remove the old floor, import the new floor, mesh and redefine the new floor, and update the BCs like velocity, displacement, etc.


Hi @FreeStroke!

You are right that this task is quite tedious to perform but if you work with OnShape and use the import tool inside the workbench you can relatively easy upload your updated model from there and get started with the pre-processing inside SimScale. The point you made is valid though and I highly encourage you to post your wish into the Vote For Features section.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can do anything for you!

All the best and enjoy your weekend!



Ok, thanks for the advice.