Multi material conduction and natural convection?

I’m wondering how possible it would be to simulate an entire compter’s thermal movement. Motherboard, cpu, heatpipes, heat sink, aluminum and copper.

I guess this I asking too much?

Hi @MrPC,

@ahmedhussain18 has set up one simulation that can be used for your motherboard for example.

Simulation: Transient Thermal Analysis

You can upload the CAD model so that we can proceed with the setup if you like.



Thanks. Yes, I saw that motherboard, and was trying to copy it into my own project. I’m finding the software a bit difficult to learn, but I just wondered, before investing so much time into learning, whether in the end I’d be able to emulate every aspect of the system, or if there’s some other software in existence that can do so (for example, emulate a fan’s airflow. Or natural convection caused by heat).

Hey again @MrPC,

I get what you mean. But I would say that especially SimScale is working keen on removing the barrier of being “difficult” by providing several options for new users to learn and understand simulation. Of course it is an iterative process but the longer you stay and work with the platform the bigger will be the outcome. :wink:

Examples for projects you mentioned:

One of the biggest advantages you have @ SimScale is that engineers can help you with your project whenever you need it. If you get started “autodidactically”, please have a look at that page:

SimScale Resources

I will soon publish a dedicated page for every module of SimScale.

Stay tuned and enjoy your stay here. If you have any other problems with the forum/project et cetera, feel free to contact me privately.