MRF Simulation Residuals

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I am trying to simulate a small mixing tank, one with slurry approximated as a bingham plastic, and one with water.

These are Run 1 and Run 2 of my project.
The thing is, I need accurate impeller torque values so I can compare to experiments but my residuals arent low enough to be super confident in the results, and for run 2 the omega residual looks wild. I think they could probably do with longer to get to steady state but I still think there must be errors in my setup causing poor residuals. So I am hoping someone could have a look through and see where I might have gone wrong. I hope super open questions like this are permitted, and I thank anyone who has a look :slight_smile:

Hi, this is Fillia :slight_smile: The first thing I noticed here is the mesh quality. It is globally coarse as you can see bellow:

And no boundary layer generation was added:

These are really important aspects when trying to get a reliable result. Have a look at the following pages to help you refine the mesh and improve the quality of the study:

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Thankyou Fillia,
the work you do on these forums is fantastic!
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