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Modal analysis (by Calculix) - Not longer supported?


Dear Simscale team,

Modal analysis to calculate the eigenfrequencies and eigenshapes of a structure is a very basic analysis type. Simscale used in the past the Calculix solver for this analysis type. Any background why such a fundamental analysis type (see is no longer supported by Simscale?

Thank you!


Hi @dgiljohann!

Indeed this feature is not part of our modules inside SimScale anymore - it simply has not been used that often. If you are still interested in this feature and would like to have it back I would highly recommend to put your wish into the Vote For Features category.

If you have any questions feel free to post your thoughts down below or drop me a private message.

All the best!



Hi jousefm,

I created a detailed feature request:

In case Simscale decides to implement it again you may contact me for any testing of this or other acoustic/dynamic features. Thank you!


Any update on whether modal analysis is coming back to SimScale? I created an account just for this type of analysis and am slightly disappointed that it is no longer available. I’ll have to give ANSYS Fluent a try.


Hi @tsoares,

Let me tag my friend @jousefm who may be able to better address your question!




Hey there @tsoares!

We have no fixed date for the release but it is definitely on our roadmap so stay tuned :slight_smile: We will announce it in the new section as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and remain loyal :slight_smile:



Hello @jousefm
When will the modal analyis be released. Is there any tentative date. Or it is already available and I am less informed?



Hi @rahul_reddy,
perfect timing, try to create a new simulation and check for the available analysis types :wink:
(Full release notes will follow on Monday)





Hi @rszoeke and @jousefm,

I have not seen the release notes discussing this feature yet but I have tried it out a couple of times with some success.

One thing I have not figured out is how to display the deformed mode shapes. I am able to view the first mode but I can not find a way to show any other modes. Can you provide some guidance on showing the mode shapes?



Hi @cjquijano,
there is currently a limitation in the post-processor that you have to delete first the animation of the previous mode and then create a new one for the newly selected frequency. This might be the reason for your issue.

Can you check if it works for you as shown in this video:



Thanks @rszoeke,

That helps although its not really intuitive. Any chance the modes can actually be labeled as “Modes” and not “Time”?