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Meshing Problem


I tried to mesh a prepared model but that failed. I also think I know what it is, but I don’t know how to solve the problem.
I created an extra area during the preparation of the model and extruded it so that this area can be selected later, because there is a part of the load. The problem is that this surface is probably very thin.

If that helps, after uploading the model this note was in the event log:
“Found a topological vertex loop which is avoided (vertex loop are edges with only one vertex)”

How can I separate a surface in the CAD program without creating a very thin extrusion? I’m using Inventor.
Or is it something else?


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I think I’ve got it.

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Hi Fabian (@Scala)!

Had a look at it just right now. Did you thicken the part in Inventor now? How did you overcome the problem?




I found your tutorial Applying a point load (not at node) :wink:

Thanks for that!

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Perfect @Scala!

Let me know how the simulation goes and make sure to post some nice post-processing pictures! :slight_smile:

Happy SimScaling!


Hello again,
I have a question about the symmetry axis. If I divide the part on the XY axis and apply the force in Z direction, I don’t get correct results right?
Do I have to simulate the complete geometry?

This means that the results are already correct, but because the loading is in both directions, it doesn’t make much sense.

Hi @Scala!

The symmetry boundary condition acts as a mirror-symmetry condition on the structure. It is basically there to make use of symmetries and that’s what you usually do in order to be more efficient in terms of setting up your simulation and save computing power. Maybe this post helps to understand what the symmetry boundary condition does and how it can be applied.

Let me know if that helped you!


This means that the symmetry does not reflect the force but only the structure?

I have the solution. When using symmetry, the force must also be symmetrical.
thank you1 :slight_smile:

Hi @Scala!

Very sorry for the late response. Somehow did not see that this was still open but I am glad you found the solution by yourself. If you like feel free to document some of the post-processing results to attract other users also explaining them what you did and what the purpose of the simulation was! :+1:

Let me know if you need any further help!