Mesh refinement around wheels


I am working on a project looking at designing an aerodynamic surface for a record attempt and have just started looking into CFD. I have a model but I am struggling to get the meshing operation to work accurately. The only way I can get my model to mesh at the moment and it only works when using the Hex-dominant meshing method. When using this and two mesh refinement areas I am getting poor meshing around the wheels that is connecting them to the body. Is there anyway of making the mesh more accurate in this area?

Also when I mesh the model with a more accurate mesh (very fine rather than fine) it makes the simulation much more unstable.



Please always include the link to your project so we can examine the model and the setup.

As for the meshing workflow, please refer to this tutorial and other documentation pages:

Hi gpollard,

I’m sure you are aware of this tutorial but I’ll attach it just in case, it covers the wheels and meshing. It does use the Standard mesher, but it may provide some insight.