Issue: total pressure force on a fuse directed against the fluid flow

Hi everyone,
I am running a CFD simulation ( SimScale ) to compute the forces on a streamlined body. I just initialise a flow velocity in the flow volume and set velocity inlet and pressure outlet as boundaries. I also set the symmetry plane for the fuse, the no-slip wall boundaries at the fuse surfaces, and slip walls on the remaining (sides) boundaries.
When I look at the diagnostics, the total pressure force along x (also the fluid flow is along x) on the surface of the fuse is negative, which should not.
I am wondering if it is a matter of surface normals to my CAD drawing which mislead the diagnostic or it is just me doing something wrong.
Did anyone encounter a similar issue, and perhaps knows how to solve it?
I did not find where to change the direction of the normals to the surface.
Thanks in advance

Hey there, and thanks for using the forum!

I think your simulation is on good track. Some things I would try and improve:

  • Refine the mesh in the region around the body and the wake, better would be a mesh sensitivity analysis.
  • Control y+ and the boundary layer mesh size, according to the desired wall modeling:
  • Run for more iterations, to allow the residuals to fall even more.