Is it still possible to get access to Optiflow software for free?

Hey I am part of the formula student aero department of my university. Since our whole team is new, we dont many data from previous models. Now I watched “Formula Student / Formula SAE Workshop: Fundamentals of Aerodynamics by SimScale” on youtube and in this workshop, you work with a private software called Optiflow. A lot of participants asked for this program and so do I. Since the workshop is more than 6 years ago, I wanted to ask you if you could still provide me this software for our design.

Henning from TheHague University of applied Sciences

Hello, and thank you for using the Forum. This is a rather old workshop, but I had a look into it. First of all, do you mean the OptiProf software that is used to create and analyze different airfoil shapes?

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Hi Henning!

Sadly this license is no longer available.

Please als, the next time you have a question use the search feature! It will help you to get an answer faster. I did and found this topic: