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Optiprof software request from Formula SAE workshop



In the Formula SAE workshop ( @Milad_Mafi says that we should contact him to request the non-commercial student version of the software. Is it still possible to receive a copy of the software, I can provide my University registration if needed.

Thank you very much

OPTIPROF for Formula Student / Formula SAE Workshop

Hi @vijalp19 and thanks for your request.

Unfortunately we do not provide/offer OPTIPROF anymore. I am very sorry! Please do let me know if I can do anything else for you.




Oh no,

Is there anyway I contact R. Hilhorst directly?
Or is there a distributor where I can purchase it from?

I need to simulate multi element airfoils, using lift theory, before I test in CFD, however the only other software I could find was MSES and Hanley Multielement.


Hi @vijalp19!

I will contact Milad for that. Let’s see what we can do for you here :slight_smile: Will come back to you asap!

All the best!



Thank you so much!
Simscale’s customer service is superb!