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OPTIPROF for Formula Student / Formula SAE Workshop


I was watching the Formula Student / Formula SAE Workshop videos on youtube. There are assignments included at the end with step by step tutorials. They were said to be found at but it seems as if they have been removed. would it be possible to email me a copy of these tutorials & assignments for all 4 sessions please?

Also, on another thread (Optiprof software request from Formula SAE workshop) i saw OPTIPROF was not available at that time. I was wondering if @jousefm was able to find any info on how I could get access to it? I am currently a ME student at The University of Akron in Ohio working on designing a new aero package for our SAE Formula Team. Thank You


Hi @gk64 and thanks a lot for this question!

Unfortunately the guys distributing Optiprof decided not to extend the license - I suggest that you use XFoil which is also a great tool that you can use for your studies.

Feel free to contact me via mail if you have any further questions or wishes.

Have a great season!