Importing PCB files (eg: ODB++ file format)

How to import pcb file into simscale to simulate the heat conduction due to traces, vias and ground planes?

Hi there, SimScale supports the following formats, that are listed here: CAD Preparation & Upload | Simulation Setup | SimScale Documentation
Export your model in one of these formats, upload it to your new project, and you can start simulating!

By the way, make sure to check the following pages too:

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The formats look to be related to MCAD containing the information only about the mechanical geometry.
How about the electrical parameters like the number of layers, copper thickness and others?


If you are interested in studying the heat conduction through a particular PCB geometry, it would actually be necessary to add all these layers in your geometry.

If you are interested in using a simplified approach, you can simply define a orthotropic or cross-orthotropic thermal conductivity to your PCB material. This article contains more information on this topic.


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