Ideal time to run Simulation on Community account

This post involves dates and times so for reference I am making this post on Tuesday May 24th around 8:30am, all the times I reference are in EST. I am a senior in high school and am trying to run a CFD simulation of a Formula 1 car model that I designed for a research project. I followed this tutorial to setup my simulation, making a few changes to fit my model. I was able to run it for the first time on Sunday May 22nd at around 11:00. It failed part way through due to divergence, the error message recommended increasing mesh resolution. I had not set the location and size of my mesh refinement boxes correctly. I have now modified the refinement boxes and re generated the mesh. I have tried many times to run the simulation again but keep getting the error shown below.
I have tried many runs on Monday: at 8:30pm, 10:20pm, 11:20pm. I also tired to run it at 8:15am on Tuesday. I need to have this simulation run by the end of Wednesday the 25th, the earlier the better.

Is there a time that commonly allows Community account members to run simulations of this size? I learning CFD for the first time with this project. Could I reduce the size of my simulation significantly enough to let me run it, and what would be the best way to do this? My project does not require a high degree of accuracy from the simulation, I would just like to be able to make a few general statements about the car’s performance. Do I have any other options for getting this simulation run? Thanks for any help.

This is a link to my project: SimScale

Hi condersma,

Welcome to the forum, on this occasion, I’m have the same issue as yourself, not being able to run my simulations for the last day or so.

I have had the same issue of not being able to run my simulations, for a similar time period of over a day or so with my simulations unable to run, which have run before. I have reduced my mesh sizes & simulation run time, but continue to receive the same message as yourself, not more than a couple of minutes ago.

Several weeks ago this issue of unavailable resources also occurred and generally it gets resolved after a day or so under the free community licence. I expect Simscale will resolve the issue when they come online.

In terms of your model, the mesh size of 7.8M cells & run time of 1,000s there shouldn’t generally be a issue. But the mesh is getting a little big. I’ve run simulations with meshes of over 10M cells and over 2,500 seconds, but it does chew up core hours.

Can I suggest, while waiting for Simulation time to become available you search the Simscale Documentation area as I know there are a few publications that identify a few adjustments that can be done to F1/Car models and the simulation environment to reduce mesh sizes and improve output results.

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Thanks @ChuckMulder for your support!

If you are a student, then you might be interested in applying to the academic program:

This plan will provide you with more resources and hopefully also help you find available servers to run your simulation.

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Hi condersma,
I’ve been able to commence my Simulation which has 5.2 million cells for 500s and its 35% completed, so I think you may be able to start your simulation thanks to Simscale and the freeing up of sever computing for the free community licence.

I spent some time catching up on a few interesting areas around Simscale documentation and projects, so all the best to you & happy simulating :slight_smile:

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You are right, my simulation is now running. Thank you for the help.

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