How to Simulate Intakes

To go along with my last post, about simulating car exhaust, I was wondering if it was possible to simulate an intake on a car without modeling all the complicated ducting through the car. Like I am curious if it is possible just to designate a face on the car as an inlet and another face as an outlet.
Any help would be much appreciated thanks!!!

Hi @cyrus_costa,

Thanks for posting your question. You can always find great related simulations in our public library, here you have two of them:


I am sorry I should have been more specific, this is not exactly what I am looking for. My simulation is external simulating the whole car and I was hoping it would be possible to designate my intake faces as inlets or something similar that way I do not have to model the ducting and I don’t have a flat face that is creating a ton of drag. Hopefully this makes more sense.