How to read computed lift information from CFD simulation

In the public project simulation: here.

I was trying to get the values of lift computed after the simulation.
But I am unable to get it easily.

Is there a tutorial or information further here?

Hi, this is Fillia :slight_smile:

Have you checked this tutorial yet? This shows how to check the graphs after the simulation is finished, in order to extract the values you wish:

This tutorial might seem useful as well!

For an incompressible analysis that ahs converged, just use the values from the final timestep.

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Thank you so much @tsite ! Those tutorials were really nice. I checked those tutorials and I still have few questions: I referred to the section 5.1 Force and Moment Coefficients: of the second tutorial but there it says only about the plots for the coeffcients but not the actual value of the force. Or did I miss something?

What I was actually trying to compute was to check ABSOLUTE value of force and moments at a given point/axis of the geometry. Is it still possible to do that using post-processor?

There are two sets you can create under the Forces & Moments:
The first one provides a graph for the forces and moments, and the second one for their coefficients. :smiley:

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Oh my bad. I really missed it :):smile: :simile:
I have another question, if I refer to an already run simulation by a different user (which is in VIEW only) then can we still see the solution field? I just opened the tutorial you referred to above and tried to read the solution field but it doesn’t show the streamlines or pressure map. Do I need to make a copy in my workspace and re-run the simulation?

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You should be able to view the results in another user’s project. Make sure you are checking the final timestep to begin with. If it still does not load anything, try to refresh the page, and if it does not work, please reach out to me again. Maybe there is an issue with the post-processor from your side.