How can I get the exact VM value of each node?



I wonder If I can get the Von Mises stress value of any point I select.
Also would be useful If I can ask the program to select for me the point with highest stress.

I am using paraview but I have not been able to find this feature

Thank you in advance


Hi @jmateo!

For the online post-processing you could either define a point or show the overload to “isolate” high stress regions as can be seen here: Overload of a structure - Step-by-Step. For offline Paraview maybe @ahmedhussain18, @BenLewis or @cjquijano can help you out here.




Ok thanks for your quick answer!

The overload method is ok, I already know, but would be fine to know If I the post processor is able to find the worst area in stress (sometimes might be red parts hidden)

About the point, ok I would use it If it can not be done “in-situ” after the processing :slight_smile:



Hi @jmateo!

The point method I mentioned is not something I would recommend only if you know where your high stress region is. Should be possible in Paraview, let’s see what the tagged persons have to say :slight_smile:




You can follow this procedure in local Paraview. Instead of selecting the nodes, you can just open a new spreadsheet. Then arrange the vonMises stress in descending order and select the node with highest stress value. Once selected you can also change the selection properties to for example show the stress value on screen and making point size bigger.

Hope this helps!



Great, it worked :slight_smile:

I just use spreadsheet view and then select higher stressed nodes. Then I can highlight it or extract the selection, that´s what I was looking for, thank you!