Help In Setting Up Wind Load Simulation

I am completely new to CFD and I chose wind loading as a research project. I have created the geometry and I’m trying to generate a mesh but it stays at 0% no matter how long I wait. Can someone help me on this?

I will also have to quantify the wind load, so can I ask how to setup the force and moments graph? What faces do I choose?

Here’s a link to the project

Hi, and thanks for using the forum!

Our tutorials on external aerodynamics should show you all the workflow for such simulation:

Please also always include the link to your project so we can have a look at what is happening in your particular case.

I’ll check out the tutorials! Thanks for answering!

Also, I have included the link to my project. When I generate a mesh, it shows an error about the physics of the simulation. Maybe it has something to do with that?

Can you please share with me the exact message or a screenshot? I opened the project and could not find it.

Screenshot 2022-03-24 004746
Here’s the message

I think that the problem may come from you having multiple solid parts in your model. For this type of simulation, only the flow region must be meshed.

Please check this article on how to create the flow region, and do not forget to delete the solid parts afterwards:

Hi! I made model into a single solid and using the CAD, I tried to make an external flow region but this error pops up.

How do I fix this?