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Heat transfer study project

I am trying to study heat transfer between flue gases and air in a cross flow heat exchanger. I have a recuperator in which air is flowing and external shell in which flue gases are flowing. I have imported the geometry from solidworks and now I want to fill air within the recuperator and flue gas in the shell but I am unable to do so. Anyone with any idea how can I do that and proceed further with my problem will be of great help.
Below is the link to my project

if you need any further details regarding it, kindly let me know.


The current project link doesn’t seem to work, so the project is either private or has been deleted.

From the description, it sounds like you are interested in running a flow volume extraction. The following may be of interest:


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Hello @Ricardopg . You have identified the problem. Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll definitely go through them first and update you if I find any further issue,