GNVR Profile

Hi, I am currently working on a project which includes the use of a GNVR profile. I have to compare my CFD values with the research papers that I have. But while simulating I am getting Illogical values for drag and lift.

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Hi Pranshul, thank you for using the forum!

I noticed that you set the body’s walls as Slip walls, can you give it a try with them set as No-slip walls instead? Have a look at this tutorial for example: Tutorial: Compressible CFD Simulation of a Golf Ball | SimScale

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I have tried this the trend seems to be same

Hi , Is there a problem with the solver settings in K epsilon? Because I tried with a finer mesh settings also but the result/trend appears to be the same.

Hi Pranshul, please have a look at my latest run (Run 4) here:
Are these results close to what you are expecting?

Yes they are far better now . What was the problem with my simulation method?

I activated the ‚ÄėPotential foam initialization‚Äô in the Simulation Control tab. By the way, you can use a much finer mesh for your simulation, like the one in the project I sent you, and save some core hours :smiley:

Can you tell me in detail about this potential foam function?

Have a look here under the Potential Flow Initialization section: Simulation Control for Fluid Analysis | Documentation | SimScale