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Global contact setting



I wish analyzed a complex body made form many different materials, the contact setting between the bodies should be “no penetration”.
Is there any options to define a global contact setting for all the bodies?



Hi @samuelshannons!

First of all there is no automatic contact detection on SimScale yet. If you think that this is a useful feature that needs to be implemented, you can leave your request here.

In general, you can set your penalty coefficient to a very high number that may evoke some other difficulties. Some difficulties are mentioned in the posts given below.

Concerning your question there are several options to define a contact that are explained in this post including the ratio between the penalty coefficient and the material(s) you are using: Contact Solution - Calculix vs. Code_Aster

Some other useful resources are:

Let me know if that was helpful.

Happy SimScaling!



Hi Jousef,
Thank you very much for your answer.
Actually, my question is focus on thermal analysis, I would like to analysis the all body as a bounded bodies (glue bodies), each body made from different material.

I see in some of your example that you not define special contact between some of the part.
(for example: Step-by-Step tutorial using Onshape and SimScale).

If I would like to define set of master/slave faces, what is the best method, so I will define the set only once for all the different meshes and analysis?



Hi Samuel (@samuelshannons)!

Indeed there are some examples dealing with thermal analysis involving master/slave definitions.

Few days ago there has been a similar discussion on this subject: Exhaust insulation temperature analysis

For the sake of completeness, please have a look at the following project of a PCB with contact definition: PCB - Transient Analysis

Let me know if that is helpful for your investigations. It would also be nice if you upload your project and share it with us :slight_smile:

All the best and good luck!



Hi Jousef,

Thank you for your answer.

I define the slave and the master faces at the first geometric step, these
defines kept to the meshing step but not to the simulation step.
I the case that I will define the faces set at the meshing step, I will be
need to define them again for a new mesh.
Is there any way to define the faces set only once?



Hi again Samuel (@samuelshannons),

it is common to select the master/slave faces and create topological entities in the Simulation Designer (keeping in mind that the entity sets from the Mesh Creator and the Simulation Designer are not the same). Creating a new Mesh from the same model will keep the sets and you can still work with them.

In the Mesh Creator these Topological Entity Sets are useful to define Mesh Refinments or any other operation and is useful in general to improve the workflow like Invert Selections for relatively big CAD models etc.

If there is still something unclear just let me know.





I tried to create a new mesh from the same model but the entities sets
didn’t kept.
How I can create a new Mesh from the same model and keep the sets? or, am I
need to define the faces set for a new mesh again?

Do you have any tutorial on this?



Hi @samuelshannons,

attached you will see that in the test project I have created a set with some faces saved as a Topological entity set

This entity set can then be used in any new Mesh derived from the same model:

Is that what you meant or did I misunderstand you?




Hi @samuelshannons,
I guess you are referring to whether the sets you defined on the geometry are available on the mesh for later use in the simulation setup? Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, but we are working on it.

Probably your feature request goes in the same direction as this: The ability to refine structural mesh without having to reattach everything. If so, please vote for it such that it gets higher priority and will be released faster.