Geometry contains faults

I have no idea where to begin to clean up my model. Can I get some help regarding the how-to process?
I’m using an .stl file, so I don’t exactly know what I need to do to get the model compatible with Simscale.

Here is the link to my project: Drag coefficient of a vehicle | SimScale Workbench

Any help would be appreciated.


As a foreword, stl tends to be a tricky file format to work with “incompressible” studies, since the geometries are often created for purposes other than simulations.

If you have access to this geometry in a different format (e.g. .step, .sat, .x_t, etc.) then it might be easier to make adjustments if needed.

If you only have an stl file, then the options are either repairing the geometry locally, or you could potentially try to use the “Wrap surface” operation in CAD mode to create a solid out of your geometry. It might take some tweaking to get a good topology.

PS: if you are just looking to run a simulation with a car (as in, any car), you should be able to find some geometries in the tutorials and/or public projects.