Failed meshing unsure why?

Trying to do a simulation on a open wheel hillclimb car a few of my friends are building but mesh seems to keep failing after 5 seconds unsure why, I can share the link to anyone who can help not sure how to upload the project to this forum

He ehays.

thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.
I had a look at your model and want to share some thoughts to reduce the complexity of your model.

1.There are some faces at the rear diffuser which can be deleted as these are only splitting of the same faces

  1. The small hollow section on the side diffuser can be removed, as this created a lot of small cells which increases the cell count.

  2. There seems to be a piercing face at the Front Wing which goes into the nose section.

Please try to clean up these sectctions.

You should be able to remove all of these sections by using the delete face operation in the edit in CAD Mode as explained here:

PS. Regarding the size of the wind tunnel please have a look at this tutorial, which explains the sizing of the tunnel.

Best regards