Extending Maximum Run Time When Simulation Finishes



I was wondering if there was a way to extend the maximum run time, and allow a simulation to pickup where it left off, rather than starting the whole simulation again? I am currently working on a simulation that takes 13+ hours to run, and I would like to extend the simulation where it left off rather than starting over.

Thank you,

Morgan McCann


Hi Morgan (@mmccann) and thanks for that suggestion!

This request has already been put inside the “Vote for Features” section and is a legit request! The simulation time/ run time can be increased with “Maximum runtime [s]” under Simulation Control.

Cheers and all the best!



Hello @jousefm,

I know how to extend the time and create a new simulation, can I extend a previous simulation that I simply didn’t give enough time to?

Thank you,

Morgan McCann


Hi @mmccann,

Sure you can but you would always have to rerun the simulation - you always have to set the time a priori though and cannot adapt it on the fly. Hope that’s what you meant.




Hi Morgan,

Unfortunately I second with what Jousef has mentioned. You cannot extend the maximum run time of a simulation that has ended :frowning:

You can suggest and vote for the “vote for features” however.




Sorry Jousef, I moved this post to the topic you cited below (I was searching but never ended up there)… :blush:


Hi Dale!

I think that’s the feature you were looking for: Extend runtime limit while the job is running. Am I right?