Extend runtime limit while the job is running


sometimes after 40 minutes of job running, I realise that the time limit i’ve set would be too small for it to complete. and with intermediate results not being stored and unusable – it’d be complete waste of time if it ran out of time.

Extending Maximum Run Time When Simulation Finishes

Thanks a lot for your feedback @gkotelnytskyy! Let’s see what the rest of the SimScale users think about your query! :slight_smile:

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This post is similar to this topic already established in the forum.
It would be a really great feature if SimScale could really integrate this feature of ‘Run continuation’. This functionality will save a lot of core hours of the users.



Sorry I had this post in another thread…

I agree completely :slight_smile:

I want to extend it Before it finishes and After it starts like this:

I don’t see anything in the Solver Log that looks like OpenFoam was told when to stop the Real Time execution of the Run, couldn’t we have the WB allow us to change the Current Run’s Maximum Runtime (which I believe the WB is monitoring) while it is running?

Something like this, I was literally watching this screen when it timed out (obviously I was watching without the ‘Simulation Run’ frame items that I later added and circled in the below image) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: