Expert review of my calculations

Dear all, i just wanted to share my project, and see how i can improve it. This is the first time i’m running such a big and (to me) complex simulation, and would be nice to have someone checking the consistency of my approach. I must say, i have big doubts on the meshing of the boundary layer and y+ estimation. The project is about an RC tailless sailplane i built last year. Wingspan is 2.7 meters, and it flies awesome. Hope someone find it interesting!
Here the link: Dream 2700 cfd

Hi dbosco
thanks for sharing your interesting project with us.

Please have a look at this article on how to choose between wall function and full-resolution modeling. as this will cost you way less cell, and computational time.

In regards to your mesh setup I would also suggest starting from a more coarse mesh.
You might can have a look at this forum conversation on how to approach such a mesh setup.

In the end the user was able to create a way better mesh with fewer cells, by optimizing the approach.
For your geometry, I would also suggest splitting up the leading edge of your wing, In order to assign a local element refinement here and a more coarse element refinement for the rest of the wing.

I hope these tips will help you.
Best regards

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Sebastian, thanks a lot for your comments. I’m actually preparing a new mesh following your suggestions. Fingers crossed!