Electric motor cooling jacket

I’m having issues with my conjugate heat transfer sim. I’m trying to analyse the heat transfer and cooling effect of the jacket. Simscale won’t allow me to select the cooling pattern, and define it as water, nor will it allow me to set the boundary conditions. If someone could help me to complete this simulation that would be great.

Hello sanjeevan439,

thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.
You can follow this tutorial on how to set up a similar simulation.

For your case here are some more specific tips:

  • First you might need to expand the intake and outlet fitting further into the Geometry to ensure a closed fluid region.

  • Once that is done you can union all parts. This helps to reduce the contact surfaces which need extra calculation effort.

  • After that you are left with a single part from which you can create the flow region using the internal flow volume tool. Your result should look like this

If you want to do just a flow analysis you can delete the solid parts and use this to set up an incompressible simulation. You can follow along this tutorial

  • Before export, don’t forget to imprint your simulation.
  • After export, you can create the Chtv.2 simulation and set up your case as before.

I hope this helped you. Please let us know how your project goes.

Best regards

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Hi sanjeevan439,

I also noticed that there is a gap between your flow channels where the water will be able to leak through.
Please first fix this in your CAD Tool before continuing with your simulation.

Best regards