Difficulty Simulating Body to Body heat transfer through air gap

I’m having trouble getting simulation working as expected…

I have a hot block of metal, i bring a robot gripper nearby it (~100mm) for period of approx 10-20 seconds, then move gripper away again. I am not wanting to show this motion in SimScale. I want to represent the 10-20 second exposure time.

I am having trouble representing the 2x bodies, and the air gap properly. In the link above i’ve tried adding a ‘solid’ in place of the air gap because SimScale is not allowing me to simulate multiple bodies. I can’t give the solid same properties as Air, so I’ve (for the time being, to try to get ‘something’ working) set it as PP instead, which has similar k value and lowish density.

Regardless of this, the simulation seems to run for long time frame and the block of metal (300degC) transfers all it’s heat through the air gap and gripper part.

Any help is appreciated.


Hello Sascha,

I would suggest you switch to the conjugate heat transfer analysis when you want to simulate the fluid as well.
You can find more information about the conjugate heat transfer analysis type here:

You can also have a look at one of the tutorials here:

Best regards