Did my project work correctly?

I am trying to simulate the magnus effect on a cylinder of diameter 4.5 cm and 30 cm height, with a wind velocity of 10m/s and 95 rad/s of rotational velocity. I have run a simulation but I’m uncertain as to if it worked correctly.

Any opinions/recommendations?

Hello, and thank you for using the Forum. A few suggestions for deciding whether these simulations works for your application:
-By simulating the Magnus effect, essentially you should be obtaining a lift force on the cylinder due to the pressure difference between the upper, and lower sides of the cylinder. You can check it by creating a force report.
-Make sure to check the pressure contours on the post-processing tool. There should be a difference in pressure on the upper and lower sides of the cylinder due to rotation.
-Check the convergence of the simulation. Convergence behavior is affected by a few factors such as mesh quality, and consistency of boundary conditions.
-Work with half of your model to save resources. (time and core hours). You may follow the instructions on this tutorial for working with symmetrical geometries.
-You can also try increasing the rotational velocity to observe the effect of rotation clearly since the diameter of the cylinder is around 0.005 m in your case.
Hope this helps.