Data Hall CFD Simulation

Hello, I am trying to do CFD analysis of this data hall having cold aisles, I’m still new to simscale, I input all the needed information and settings, but its not working, it might be silly mistake or the whole setup are wrong. In the screenshot you can see that the air flow is inside the walls. Please help!

The project is on private setting, please share your usernames so I can invite you to the project.

Simulation name: Data_hall_11


The very first step after bringing this CAD model to SimScale would have been the flow volume creation. From what I can see this hasn’t been done, so you are basically getting flow inside of the solid walls, as you described.


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Thanks for the help! I tried to create the flow region, now the results are showing better flow region but bad results, there is no air flowing not even velocity vectors and it doesn’t make sense. I checked the settings several time, I can’t find the real problem. Please refer to the following SS.


Some quick comments: the velocity inlet + velocity outlet combination tends to be very bad. I’d suggest removing the velocity outlet assignment from one of the 5 CRAC units and setting this face as a pressure outlet instead (for balance).

On the unexpected results that you mention: use isovolumes in the post-processor to spot where the unphysical values are (e.g. perhaps for velocity). If you have small faces or small gaps around those regions, you might consider cleaning up the CAD model or applying some extra refinement.


Hii again,

The simulations seems to be working with a reasonable airflow reaction. I still don’t understand why the temperature is not varying more than 1 or 2 degree between hot and cold aisles. I tried with wall faces having power heat source of 133W each and temp 60C, also tried with absolute power source in advanced concepts, but both have same results as if the air is not being heated. Any idea?

I’d suggest reviewing the inlet boundary condition - you’re getting around 60 m/s speeds at the outlet with the current conditions.

I tried that with velocity inlets of 5m/s and 1, I have max velocities reaching 10m/s inside the Racks walls, but still I have no big temperature variation, any idea what can cause this? or how it could be solved

The three most likely for that behavior are:

  1. There’s too much flow rate. 10 m/s within the server seems pretty high for a server rack
  2. The power dissipation is too low
  3. The simulation hasn’t fully converged