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Data center cooling


DATA centre CFD simulation.
The physics of the problem is convective heat transfer involving fluid flow over the 3 racks in the room. I have provided CRAC units for inlet airflow and door for outlet.
Actually it is showing multi-region error during meshing.
Please figure out the problem and suggest a solution. Also suggest changes in any other parameters if required.
Thanking you.![Screenshot%20(77)|690x388]
Link to the project:-



First you need to run a flow volume extraction operation. This will generate the flow domain and remove all solids from your geometry.

Afterwards, you’ll have to re-mesh. Also, doublecheck your velocity inlet boundary conditions. They’re different from each other.

Lastly, I don’t see any heat source in your project right now. You can set them via boundary condition (Wall BC, some sort of heat flux for temperature) or via Advanced concepts > Power sources).

Data Centre

Thanks Ricardopg for your help .We really admire it . Me and my team is now working on this .