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Crossflow turbine

hi, I’m actually simulating the crossflow turbine,

while doing post processing for my final run 5 there is no rotation effect, even after i have assigned mrf zone.

Hello @cgarry,

The issue is that we are currently analyzing the results from iteration number 0 in the post-processor.

Make sure to slide the bar to iteration 600 to analyze the results from the last iteration.


Thank you Mr. Ricardo… but even after set at max iteration it still does show the same particles moving from the inlet ,when it reaches the rotating zone and there is no activity of that particle and dissappears halfway, particles that doesnt collide with the rotating zone does reach to the outlet. why does this occur?


Are you sure that the direction of the rotation of the rotating zone is correct? This is the scenario for all projects:

At a first glance, I’d expect the rotation to be in the opposite direction (see fig 3 here).

And sometimes that happens for traces. Since that region has some tight spaces between the blades, when a trace hits a no-slip wall, it will disappear. It doesn’t mean that there is no flow though. I’d invite you to use cutting planes with vectors as well, those can be helpful.



tq mr ricardo to pointing out that my direction is in the opposite. however it does fulfil my expected torque produced… how can this be explained?

Sounds like a coincidence to me :slightly_smiling_face:

But definitely, the first step here would be to rerun the sims with the correct direction of rotation - otherwise the flow field will be unexpected.

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Hi, I have done rerun with correct direction of the rotation