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Creating hyperelastic materials using Yeoh model

I’m trying to create a hyperelastic material using some data for the Yeoh model. Looking at the Simscale documentation it lists Yeoh as one of 8 supported hyperelastic material models, but on my screen I only see Mooney-Rivlin, Neo-Hookean, and Sigorini. This is especially strange, because the screenshot in the documentation suggests I should be able to select “reduced polynomial” or “polynomial” and then the order of polynomial, as in the screenshot below. Why am I missing these options from the documentation? Do I need to do something special to enable them?

Hi @calculuschild!

I will check that out and get back to you as soon as I know more!



Hi again @calculuschild!

The option was available in the past but was removed and the docs are not updated yet, sorry about that! If you want the feature to be re-integrated into the platform please put your query into the “Vote For Features” section.

All the best!