More hyperelastic material models


Which feature do you need?
In the past, we had access to quite a few more hyperelastic material models (Yeoh, Ogden, polynomials of various order, etc.) and the documentation seems to suggest they have already been implemented. However, I can only find options for Mooney-Rivlin, Neo-Hookean, and Sigorini; another post on the forums mentions that for some reason the feature has been removed.

What is the problem that you want to address with this feature?
I have lots of data for materials in the Yeoh and Ogden models, but have no way to simulate them since the feature has been removed.

What is the expected outcome?
The ability to select from the 8 hyperelastic material models mentioned in the documentation:

  • Neo Hookean (1st order reduced polynomial).
  • Mooney Rivlin (1st order polynomial).
  • Signorini.
  • Yeoh (3rd order reduced polynomial).
  • 2nd order reduced polynomial.
  • 2nd order polynomial.
  • Ogden up to order 3.
  • Arruda-Boyce.

This shouldn’t be difficult to implement since it was already a feature at some point.

Can you share application examples?
I am trying to simulate pneumatic inflation of elastomer bladders using the our existing materials data.


Thank you very much for that detailed feedback @calculuschild!

All the best!