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Courant number error


Hi this is Fillia :smiley:
Could you provide more information about your project please? Like the link, what you are trying to achieve, etc.

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thank you for,was trying waterfall simulation using multiphase even tried bubble rising in multiphase , both of them have are having same problem

Thank you for sharing the project :slight_smile:

After opening it, I see that the error message you are currently receiving is this “The specified maximum runtime of the job was exceeded. The simulation run was stopped and potential intermediate results were restored. You can try to increase the maximum runtime in the simulation control section and start a new run to enable a complete simulation run.”

This issue is explained here: "The specified maximum runtime of the job was exceeded" error

In case of the Courant number error, check this page: How To Keep the Courant Number Below 1 | SimScale