Convergence Problems

Good morning to you all, i’m working on a rudder (wing) project, but i don’t whether i’m reaching a good convergence or not. Actually, i would like to reach a better convergence plot, i tried everything, changed the domain, used a more refined mesh and nothing worked. Any help or tip are wellcome. As you all can see in the images below, i made a cartesian box of refinement and all my configurations are bellow, as well as my project’s link.

wing%202 wing%203

Hey @mde_mendon_a_d,

These residual plots are indeed not looking very good. But the wing’s angle of attack is quite high aswell, 45 degrees.

In your first simulation, the mesh is a bit weird. Apparently you assigned a region refinement covering only 2/3 of the wingspan.

Take a look at the following sessions of the aerospace workshop: optimization of a wing - meshing and optimization of a wing - set up. You’ll find the general workflow here. In case of any doubts, please make another post :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also, try ‘Potential foam initialization’ = ‘ON’ and don’t forget to add at least a ‘Forces and Moments’ results item (preferably a ‘Forces and moments coefficients’ results item), and then run your sim until those results become stable…

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